MooseX::Extended::Role - MooseX::Extended roles


version 0.35


    package Not::Corinna::Role::Created {
        use MooseX::Extended::Role types => ['PositiveInt'];

        field created => ( isa => PositiveInt, default => sub { time } );

Similar to MooseX::Extended, providing almost everything that module provides. However, for obvious reasons, it does not include MooseX::StrictConstructor or make your class immutable, or set the C3 mro.

Note that there is no need to add a 1 at the end of the role.


You may pass an import list to MooseX::Extended::Role.

    use MooseX::Extended::Role
      excludes => [qw/WarnOnConflict carp/],         # I don't want these features
      types    => [qw/compile PositiveInt HashRef/]; # I want these type tools


Allows you to import any types provided by MooseX::Extended::Types.


    use MooseX::Extended::Role types => [qw/compile PositiveInt HashRef/];

Is identical to this:

    use MooseX::Extended::Role;
    use MooseX::Extended::Types qw( compile PositiveInt HashRef );


You may find some features to be annoying, or even cause potential bugs (e.g., if you have a `croak` method, our importing of Carp::croak will be a problem. You can exclude the following:

  • WarnOnConflict

        use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => ['WarnOnConflict'];

    Excluding this removes the MooseX::Role::WarnOnConflict role.

  • autoclean

        use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => ['autoclean'];

    Excluding this will no longer import namespace::autoclean.

  • carp

        use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => ['carp'];

    Excluding this will no longer import Carp::croak and Carp::carp.

  • true

        use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => ['true'];

    Excluding this will require your module to end in a true value.

  • param

        use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => ['param'];

    Excluding this will make the param function unavailable.

  • field

        use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => ['field'];

    Excluding this will make the field function unavailable.


Some experimental features are useful, but might not be quite what you want.

    use MooseX::Extended::Role includes => [qw/multi/];

    multi sub foo ($self, $x)      { ... }
    multi sub foo ($self, $x, $y ) { ... }

See MooseX::Extended::Manual::Includes for more information.


In Moose if a class defines a method of the name as the method of a role it's consuming, the role's method is silently discarded. With MooseX::Extended::Role, you get a warning. This makes maintenance easier when to prevent you from accidentally overriding a method.

For example:

    package My::Role {
        use MooseX::Extended::Role;

        sub name {'Ovid'}

    package My::Class {
        use MooseX::Extended;
        with 'My::Role';
        sub name {'Bob'}

The above code will still run, but you'll get a very verbose warning:

    The class My::Class has implicitly overridden the method (name) from
    role My::Role. If this is intentional, please exclude the method from
    composition to silence this warning (see Moose::Cookbook::Roles::Recipe2)

To silence the warning, just be explicit about your intent:

    package My::Class {
        use MooseX::Extended;
        with 'My::Role' => { -excludes => ['name'] };
        sub name {'Bob'}

Alternately, you can exclude this feature. We don't recommend this, but it might be useful if you're refactoring a legacy Moose system.

    use MooseX::Extended::Role excludes => [qw/WarnOnConflict/];


param and field in roles allow the same attribute shortcuts as MooseX::Extended.


If the MooseX::Extended::Role is loaded via stringy eval, true is not loaded, This is because there were intermittant errors (maybe 1 out of 5 times) being thrown. Removing this feature under stringy eval solves this. See this github ticket for more infomration.


Let's say you've settled on the following feature set:

    use MooseX::Extended::Role
        excludes => [qw/WarnOnConflict carp/],
        includes => [qw/multi/];

And you keep typing that over and over. We've removed a lot of boilerplate, but we've added different boilerplate. Instead, just create My::Custom::Moose::Role and use My::Custom::Moose::Role;. See MooseX::Extended::Role::Custom for details.


Curtis "Ovid" Poe <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2022 by Curtis "Ovid" Poe.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)