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Changes for version v2.3.8 - 2018-04-03

  • Fix compatibility with perl-5.26.
  • Fix tests compatibility.
  • Add docker image.


prepare consistent project backup
run background command for this project
kill all background commands of this project
prepare patch from previous version to current
use scp to download project files from remote host
start OS Inferno's emu-g for this project
migrate project to given version
run command under shared lock
run command under exclusive lock
start mysql client for this project
dump project database
creates a new project based on Narada framework
creates a skeleton project based on Narada framework v1.x
apply pending patches on Narada project
download latests patch files from remote
upload latests patch files and apply patch on remote side
send latests patch files by email to other developers
release current changes in Narada project
use ssh to execute command on remote host in project root
restore full project or some files from backup
synchronize project crontab with user crontab
initialize project database
install/remove project qmail configuration
kill services and their supervisors
start project's services
use scp to upload project files to remote host
log viewer for project based on Narada framework


framework for ease deploy and support microservice projects
manage project configuration
manage project locks
setup project log