Changes for version 0.09

  • Fix breakage on Perl 5.8


SPORE client
Meta class for all SPORE object
metaclass for all API client
create api method
Moose type definitions for Net::HTTP::Spore
middlewares base class
base class for Authentication middlewares
middleware for authentication with apikey
middleware for Basic authentication
middleware for authentication with specific header
middleware for OAuth authentication
add a new header to not track
base class for formats middlewares
middleware for JSON format
middleware for Text format
middleware for XML format
middleware for YAML format
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::LogDispatch is a middleware that allow you to use LogDispatch.
Simple Mocker for Spore middlewares
Middleware for redirections
add a new header with runtime
middleware to change the user-agent value
Net::HTTP::Spore::Request - Portable HTTP request object from SPORE env hash
Portable HTTP Response object for SPORE response
Role to easily add multiples Spore clients to your class
attributes for API description