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Changes for version 0.001 - 2012-07-04

  • First version, released on an unsuspecting world.


Perl API to oFono
access Modem object's CellBroadcast interface
provide ConnectionContext API for objects managed by ConnectionManager
provide ConnectionManager interface for Modem objects
simple container providing typical container functions
simple container allows iterating over contained elements
access to oFono's Manager objects
provide Message API for objects managed by MessageManager
provide MessageManager interface for Modem objects
provide MessageWaiting interface for Modem objects
access to oFono's Modem objects
provide NetworkOperator API for objects managed by NetworkRegistration
provide NetworkRegistration interface for Modem objects
provide RadioSettings interface for Modem objects
Role for Interfaces which manages objects
generic property access for remote oFono objects
lifecycle management for remote oFono objects
access Modem object's SimManager interface


in lib/Net/Radio/oFono/Helpers/