Changes for version 0.74

  • Significant Changes since 0.73
    • Mostly minor cleanup and a few resolved issues
    • Officially support DigiD, eHerkenning and eIDAS implementations
  • Detailed Change Log
    • 242b8f4 Update repo version for release
    • 6e63336 Quiet annoying Perl::Critic warning
    • 722d5a6 Add GitHub::CreateRelease to automatically create a GitHub release
    • 789365e verify_xml will die is it does not verify
    • 45b299c Only URI escape if defined value
    • 9154c4d Split Github Actions workflow
    • 924b819 Add more supported implementations in POD
    • 92fb773 Always return a default assertion service
    • 51fde84 Refactor Test::Net::SAML2::Util
    • e60202c Fix dependency things in the dist.ini
    • e689af5 Add Coveralls to CI
    • aeea977 Update pod for Net::SAML2::Binding::POST::handle_response
    • c3863e1 Update pod for Net::SAML2::Binding::Redirect::verify
    • 6cf57eb v0.73


SAML2 bindings and protocol implementation
HTTP POST binding for SAML
HTTP Redirect binding for SAML
SOAP binding for SAML
SAML Identity Provider object
SAML2 artifact object
ArtifactResolve protocol class
SAML2 assertion object
SAML2 AuthnRequest object
SAML2 LogoutRequest Protocol object
SAML2 LogoutResponse Protocol object
Common behaviour for Protocol messages
A role to verify the SAML response XML
SAML Service Provider object
Custom Moose types for Net::SAML2
Utility functions for Net::SAML2
Net::SAML2 subclass of XML::Sig
XML Util class