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Changes for version 0.07 - 2022-01-28

  • Throw more descriptive errors when getting a token (thanks Tim Mullin)
  • Added OAuth::Cmdline::CustomFile module to allow a specific credential file (thanks Tim Mullin)
  • Add basic Continuous Integration workflow
  • Convert distribution to use Dist::Zilla
  • Adjust dependencies list (need Perl >= 5.016 for Mojolicious)
  • Update MSOnline tests to account for changes to API URL and request format (thanks Ian Gibbs)
  • Update documentation
  • Adjust MANIFEST (thanks Szymon Nieznański)
  • Add mandatory resource param to msonline token initialiser (thanks Ian Gibbs)
  • Add tests for MSOnline (thanks Ian Gibbs)
  • Add some "no-op" token methods (thanks Ian Gibbs)
  • Fix incorrect statement in OAuth::Cmdline (thanks Blaine Motsinger)
  • Add LICENSE (thanks Mohammad S Anwar)


OAuth2 for command line applications using web services
Automatic.com-specific OAuth oddities
Use a custom cache file with OAuth::Cmdline
GoogleDrive-specific settings for OAuth::Cmdline
Microsoft Online-specific settings for OAuth::Cmdline
Run a standalone token collector
Smartthings-specific OAuth oddities
Spotify-specific OAuth oddities
Youtube-specific settings for OAuth::Cmdline


in lib/OAuth/Cmdline/Mojo.pm