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Changes for version 0.120 - 2019-02-08

  • glsandbox-shaderdemo is now a properly documented installed script
  • Support for GLUT as a context provider
  • Change order of preferred context provider to GLFW, SDL, GLX, GLUT
  • Support 'fullscreen' option in GLX context provider
  • More fixes for Windows
  • More documentation improvements


Run shaders in a manner similar to


Rapid-prototyping utilities for OpenGL
Wrapper object for OpenGL Buffer Object
Create OpenGL context with OpenGL::GLFW
Create OpenGL context with OpenGL's GLUT support
Create OpenGL context with X11::GLX::DWIM
Create OpenGL context with SDLx::App
Wrapper around a memory-mapped scalar ref
Wrapper object for OpenGL shader program pipeline
Resource manager for OpenGL prototyping
Wrapper object for OpenGL shader
Wrapper object for OpenGL texture
Object that describes an array of vertex data