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Changes for version 1.063 - 2024-03-15

  • Fixes #86 "-l somelib.dll doesn't work in recent PAR::Packer versions"
    • par_setup_libpath() in myldr/mktmpdir.c used to set all known "search path for DLLs" environment variables (e.g. LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux). The search path is set up so that the first directory searched is a packed executable's cache directory (where the shared perl library will be extracted to, also all packed "external" DLLs). In 2017 (by 2ac7078) it was changed to only set the variable relevant for the OS where PAR::Packer was build on, given by $Config{ldlibpthname}. But some perl distributions (e.g. Strawberry on Windows) do not specify $Config{ldlibpthname}.
    • Hardwire "PATH" for MSWin32 and otherwise complain if this Config variable is undefined.
    • Add t/85-ldlibpthname.t: check that the value of the environment variable for searching for DLLs, usually $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}}, starts with the cache directory, $ENV{PAR_TEMP}.
  • Skip t/87-xs-cross.t if ExtUtils::Depends 0.8001 is installed. This version fails to build and install the "import lib" corresponding to XSQuux.xs.dll and hence fails to build XSBar.xs.dll.
    • The test works on GitHub CI, because the "strawberry" perl distribution installed there comes with ExtUtils::Depends version 0.8000 (ie. **not** current) pre-installed.


Make and run Perl Archives
Binary PAR Loader
frontend to pp written in Perl/Tk.


Pack applications in a single executable file
Input filter for PAR
Bleach filter
Bytecode filter
Obfuscating filter
Content patcher
POD-stripping filter
PAR Packager
Base class for the PARL data packages
PAR Packager