Changes for version 1.052 - 2021-01-13

  • add note that --filter and __DATA__ are incompatible (cf. #36, #39)
  • change bugtracker to GitHub issues
  • when embedding FILEs, normalize paths in @INC
  • code cleanup:
    • rename _tempfile() to _save_as()
    • there is no $PAR::Heavy::ModuleCache, so make it a "my" variable
    • consistent formatting in outs() calls
    • demystify reading <$fh> with $/ = \$number: use "read $fh, $buf, $number" instead
    • use "open $fh, '<:raw', ..." instead of "open $fh, '<', ...; binmode($fh);"
    • make error messages more consistent
  • make more robust
  • t/90-rt129312.t fails when Archive::Unzip::Burst is used


Make and run Perl Archives
Binary PAR Loader
frontend to pp written in Perl/Tk.


Pack applications in a single executable file
Input filter for PAR
Bleach filter
Bytecode filter
Obfuscating filter
Content patcher
POD-stripping filter
PAR Packager
Base class for the PARL data packages
PAR Packager