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Changes for version 0.25 - 2009-09-04

  • Fix bug with respect to upgrading and priority (fallback=>0) repositories.
  • More caching: Add a timeout before fetching checksums again.

Changes for version 0.24_01 - 2009-02-20

  • Many, many, many improvements to the caching algorithms. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that this will be the first release where the caching works well.
  • Inter-run caching of the DBMs with local checksum re-calculation.
  • Introduce the private-cache-dir setting for controlling the caching behaviour.
  • Caching improves run-time of simple test by factor of three.
  • Enforce the use of a temporary directory as a cache dir in the tests much more so we are good CPAN testers citizens.


Access PAR repositories
Contains all the DBM access functions
PAR repository via HTTP
PAR repo. on the local file system
Small helper methods common to all implementations