Changes for version 0.22.0 - 2021-05-29

  • Reorganized the nav and footer links. There are now fewer of them, and the nav links focus on content, while the footer focuses on metadata.
  • Added a "Colophon" section to the About page, including links to credit the original site and logo designers, as well as the typeface and icons.
  • Added the "generator" meta element to the header to report the version, since it, too, has been removed from the footer.
  • Added /tags/, with the search form defaulting to searching tags, and the tag cloud, since it does not appear on the home page on mobile.
  • Increased the line size of search results and list tables.
  • Added a search form to the Users page, and moved the list of letters to search to a horizontal list.
  • Opened up the spacing in block quotes so that the icon doesn't crowd the text. Applies to error, warning, and success blocks, too.
  • Knocked 40px off the height of the header on mobile devices.
  • Added OpenGraph/Twitter unfurl support to all pages. Should make excerpts look nicer for links posted on social media.


The PGXN API server


Maintain and serve a PGXN web site
The PGXN::Site request controller
Localization for PGXN::Site
English localization for PGXN::Site
French localization for PGXN::Site
The PGXN::Site request router.
HTML templates for PGXN::Site