Changes for version 0.585 - 2014-01-15

  • fixed use of dist-zilla (don't encode test files)
  • omit failing XML test


fetch, parse and transform PICA+ data
Import or delete PICA+ records in a PICA::Store
convert WinIBW PICA+ download to valid PICA+


Perl extension for handling PICA+ fields
Parse PICA+ data
Parse normalized PICA+
Perl module for handling PICA+ records
PICA::Store via SOAP access (aka 'webcat')
Provide a SOAP interface to a PICA::Store
Store PICA::Records in a SQLite database with versioning
Parse a SRU response in XML and extract PICA+ records.
Data source that can be queried for PICA+ records
CRUD interface to a PICA::Record storage
Write and count PICA+ records and fields