PICA::SOAPClient - PICA::Store via SOAP access (aka 'webcat')


version 0.585


  use PICA::SOAPClient;

  # connect to store via SOAP API
  $server = PICA::SOAPClient->new( 
      userkey => $userkey, password => $password, dbsid => $dbsid 

  # get connection details from config file
  $server = PICA::SOAPClient->new( config => "myconf.conf" );
  $server = PICA::SOAPClient->new( config => undef ); # autodetect (!)

  # CRUD operations
  %result = $server->get( $id );
  %result = $server->create( $record );
  %result = $server->update( $id, $record, $version );
  %result = $server->delete( $id );

  # set additional access parameters
      userkey => $userkey, password => $password, dbsid => $dbsid


This class implements a PICA::Store via SOAP-API (also know as "webcat"). A formal description of the CBS webcat SOAP-API can be found at


new ( %params )

Create a new Server. You must specify at least a connection type and a base URL or the config file parameter to read this settings from a config file. Defined parameters override settings in a config file.

Other parameters are userkey, password, and database id. The optional language parameter (default: "en") for error messagescan be one of "de", "en", "fr", or "ne" depending in the servers capabilities.

Currently only the connection type "SOAP" is supported with limited error handling.

get ( $id )

Retrieve a record by ID.

Returns a hash with either 'errorcode' and 'errormessage' or a hash with 'id', 'record', and 'version'. The 'record' element contains a PICA::Record object.

create ( $record )

Insert a new record. The parameter must be a PICA::Record object.

Returns a hash with either 'errorcode' and 'errormessage' or a hash with 'id', 'record', and 'version'.

update ( [ $id, ] $record [, $version ] )

Update a record by ID, updated record (of type PICA::Record), and version (of a previous get, create, or update command). If no $id parameter is given, it is taken from $record->ppn.

Returns a hash with either 'errorcode' and 'errormessage' or a hash with 'id', 'record', and 'version'.

delete ( $id )

Deletes a record by ID.

Returns a hash with either 'errorcode' and 'errormessage' or a hash with 'id'.

access ( key => value ... )

Set general access parameters (userkey, password, dbsid and/or language). Returns the store itself so you can chain anothe method call.


Return a string "SOAPClient: $baseurl" with information about this store.


_soap_query ( $operation, @params )

Internal method to prepare, perform and evaluate a SOAP request. Returns a hash with 'errorcode' and 'errormessage' or a hash with 'dbsid', 'id', 'record', and 'version' depending on the type of query. Do not directly call this method!


Jakob Voß <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Verbundzentrale Goettingen (VZG) and Jakob Voss.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.