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Changes for version 0.60

  • Updating to Module::Install::DSL 1.04
  • Removing Params::Util imports for consistency
  • Updating File::Remove dependency for fork safety
  • Updating Process for nested execution on Win32
  • Completed tests for the storage modules
  • Full support for Windows hosts


The Practical Image Testing Architecture
The PITA Guest abstract, a container for running tests
Abstract base for all PITA Guest driver classes
PITA Guest Driver for Local images
Guest Storage Engine base class
A (relatively) simple Guest Storage object


in lib/PITA/
in lib/PITA/Guest/Driver/
in lib/PITA/Guest/Driver/Image/
in lib/PITA/Guest/
in lib/PITA/Guest/Server/
in lib/PITA/Guest/Server/
in lib/PITA/