Steffen Müller
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Process::YAML - The Process::Serializable role implemented by YAML


  package MyYAMLProcess;
  use base 'Process::YAML',
  sub prepare {
  sub run {


Process::YAML provides an implementation of the Process::Serializable role using the YAML::Syck module from CPAN. It is not itself a subclass of Process so you will need to inherit from both.

Objects that inherit from Process::YAML must follow the new, prepare, run rules of Process::Serializable.

YAML::Syck was chosen over YAML because YAML::Syck is much faster. Furthermore, YAML uses Spiffy which I could not get to play well with the inheritance scheme of the Process framework at the time (Spiffy 0.26). By now, Brian Ingerson has released a fixed version of Spiffy (0.27), so YAML 0.52 and higher is compatible with Process::YAML.


Using this class as an additional base class for your Process based classes will add two methods to your class as defined by the Process::Serializable documentation. Please refer to that module for a description of the interface.



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