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little IRC plugin to generate mailto: links that avoid dumb spam bots
lookup browser support for CSS/HTML/JS from IRC
plugin to "minify" CSS code
lookup CSS property information from IRC
internal data file for POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::CSS::PropertyInfo module
couple of CSS selector tools for IRC bots
PoCo IRC plugin that tells the name of the color by its hex code
non-blocking access to Google's PageRank via IRC
HTML attribute info lookup from IRC
internal data file for POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::HTML::AttributeInfo
lookup HTML element information from IRC
PoCo::IRC plugin to minify JavaScript code
IRC plugin to highlight CSS code from URIs
IRC plugin to highlight HTML code from URIs
non-blocking CSS validator for IRC bots.
access HTML validator from IRC
get traffic rank for pages via your IRC bot
give URIs to Google's cache pages checking if they exist
plugin to display DOCTYPEs and relevant information from given pages
web page title fetching IRC plugin
html tag and attribute counter for IRC
plugin to generate Lorem Ipsum text in IRC
a collection of plugins useful for Web Development IRC bots