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object wrapper for callbacks with lexical closures
a common message class for POE::Stage
encapsulates non-terminal replies to POE::Request
encapsulates responses to POE::Request::Emit
encapsulates final replies to POE::Request messages
internal base class for POE::Stage response messages
a base class for message-driven objects
a base class for POE::Stage applications
a stage that echoes back whatever it's given
a simple UDP recv/send component
a simple non-blocking DNS resolver
a periodic message generator for POE::Stage
a base class for POE::Stage's event watchers
wait for a length of time to pass
watch a socket or other handle for input readiness
watch a POE::Wheel rather than reinvent it


in lib/POE/Watcher/Wheel/
in lib/POE/Watcher/Wheel/
in lib/POE/Watcher/Wheel/