POE::Stage::Echoer - a stage that echoes back whatever it's given


        # Note, this is not a complete program.
        # See the distribution's examples directory.

        use POE::Stage::Echoer;
        my $stage = POE::Stage::Echoer->new();

        my $echo_request = POE::Request->new(
                stage     => $stage,
                method    => "echo",
                on_echo   => "handle_echo",
                args      => {
                        message => "stuff to echo",

        sub handle_echo :Handler {
                my $arg_echo;
                print "Received an echo: $arg_echo\n";


POE::Stage::Echoer echoes back the messages it receives.

Echoer is the first of hopefully many message-routing stages.


Commands are invoked with POE::Request objects.

TODO - Public methods? Careful here: "method" implies a direct call.

echo message => SCALAR

Receives a scalar "message" parameter whose contents will be echoed back to the sender in an "echo"-typed return.

Ok, that's confusing. Perhaps the SYNOPSIS is clearer?

TODO - It would be nice to have a documentation convention for this sort of thing.


Responses are returned by POE::Request->return() and/or emit().

"echo" (echo => SCALAR)

Returns an echo of the "message" given to this stage's echo() command. The echo is passed in the "echo" parameter to the "echo" response.


See for known issues. See to report one.

POE::Stage is too young for production use. For example, its syntax is still changing. You probably know what you don't like, or what you need that isn't included, so consider fixing or adding that, or at least discussing it with the people on POE's mailing list or IRC channel. Your feedback and contributions will bring POE::Stage closer to usability. We appreciate it.


POE::Stage and POE::Request. The examples/ping-poing.perl program in POE::Stage's distribution.


Rocco Caputo <>.


POE::Stage::Echoer is Copyright 2005-2006 by Rocco Caputo. All rights are reserved. You may use, modify, and/or distribute this module under the same terms as Perl itself.