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Changes for version 0.05 - 2009-05-21

  • version 0.05
  • portability: ppport.h updated to perl-5.10, Makefile.PL favors librt by default, hints/ files updated appropriately; this should fix linking on FreeBSD and Solaris (thx BV).
  • Semaphore.xs: use HAVE_SEM_* defines to determine feature set, as Makefile.PL now searches for actually present functions (nod to Net-Pcap). Export _SC constants.
  • Note FreeBSD 14 character name limit, correct NSEMS typo, document _SC constants.
  • t/: verify _SC macro export, use shorter semaphore names (thx BV), accomodate Darwin's ENOSYS sem_getvalue().


Perl interface to POSIX.1b semaphores