ppihtmlcf [options] <source-path> [ <source-path> ... ]

    -a|-all                 process all files in subdirectories
    -b|-bare                no TOC, no frame container, no fold expansion,
                                no line numbers
    -c|-closeimg <filename> image file used for HTML::ListToTree closed 
                                nodes; default 'closedbook.gif'
    -C|-nocomments          don't fold comments
    -e|-exe <scriptpath>    process a script; may be used multiple times.
                                <scriptpath> is a fully qualified pathname
    -h|-help                display this help and exit
    -H|-noheredocs          don't fold heredocs
    -i|-imgpath <path>      path to image directory for ProjectDocs and 
                                HTML::ListToTree; default <output root>/img
    -I|-noimports           don't fold imports
    -j|-jspath <path>       path to Javascript files; defaults to
                                <output root>/js
    -J|-jstoc               use Javascript tree for table of contents (via
                                HTML::ListToTree); default is HTML list
    -m|-minlines <lines>    minimum consecutive line for a fold
    -M|-module <pkgname>    process a module/namespace; may be specified 
                                multiple times. Names are specified in Perl
                                package format, and may be top level
                                namespaces (for -a processing)
    -O|-openimg <filename>  image file used for open tree nodes;
                                default 'openbook.gif'
    -o|-out|-output <path>  target root directory path for generated 
                                documents; default './ppicf'
    -p|-project             project mode: scan ./bin and ./lib of first 
                                <source-path> for all modules/scripts; 
                                any add'l <source-path>s are ignored; 
                                if no <source-path>, uses './'
    -P|-nopod               don't fold POD
    -r|-rootimg <filename>  image file used for root of HTML::ListToTree 
                                tree; default is openimg
    -s|-csspath <path>      path to CSS files for PPI::CodeFolder and 
                                HTML::ListToTree; default <output root>/css
    -t|-title <title>       project title
    -u|-useinc              include @INC when scanning for modules
    -v|-verbose             enable diagnostic messages
    -x|-noexpand            no fold expansion
    -z|-noicons             no icons in HTML::ListToTree tree widget;
                                default is icons on


  ppihtmlcf -a -J -o ./ppicf -p -t "My Project"

processes the local ./lib (for modules) and ./bin (for scripts) as a project with a Javascript TOC.

  ppihtmlcf -a -J -o ./ppicf -u -t "My Project" -M PPI ./lib

processes all modules in the PPI namespace within either ./lib, or in @INC with a Javascript TOC.


Converts Perl source code to codefolded, syntax highlighted HTML via PPI::HTML::CodeFolder, with an associated framer container and either an HTML table of contents, or a Javascripted tree TOC (via HTML::ListToTree).

The following Javascript and stylesheet files are written to the specified jspath and csspath directories:

    ppicf.js:    codefolder Javascript
    ppicf.css:   codefolder stylesheet
    tree.js:     HTML::ListToTree widget Javascript (if -jstoc specified)
    tree.css:    HTML::ListToTree widget stylesheet (if -jstoc specified)