Thank you for considering contributing to this distribution. This file contains instructions that will help you work with the source code.

Please note that if you have any questions or difficulties, you can reach the maintainer(s) through the bug queue described later in this document (preferred), or by emailing the releaser directly. You are not required to follow any of the steps in this document to submit a patch or bug report; these are just recommendations, intended to help you (and help us help you faster).

The distribution is managed with Dist::Zilla.

However, you can still compile and test the code with the Build.PL in the repository:

perl Build.PL
./Build test

You may need to satisfy some dependencies. The easiest way to satisfy dependencies is to install the last release. This is available at

You can use cpanminus to do this without downloading the tarball first:

$ cpanm --reinstall --installdeps --with-recommends Params::Validate

Dist::Zilla is a very powerful authoring tool, but requires a number of author-specific plugins. If you would like to use it for contributing, install it from CPAN, then the following command to install the needed distros:

$ dzil authordeps --missing | cpanm

There may also be additional requirements not needed by the dzil build which are needed for tests or other development:

$ dzil listdeps --author --missing | cpanm

Or, you can use the 'dzil stale' command to install all requirements at once:

$ cpanm Dist::Zilla::App::Command::stale
$ dzil stale --all | cpanm

You can also do this via cpanm directly:

$ cpanm --reinstall --installdeps --with-develop --with-recommends Params::Validate

Once installed, here are some dzil commands you might try:

$ dzil build
$ dzil test
$ dzil test --release
$ dzil xtest
$ dzil listdeps --json
$ dzil build --notgz

You can learn more about Dist::Zilla at

The code for this distribution is hosted on GitHub.

You can submit code changes by forking the repository, pushing your code changes to your clone, and then submitting a pull request. Please update the Changes file with a user-facing description of your changes as part of your work. See the GitHub documentation for detailed instructions on pull requests

If you have found a bug, but do not have an accompanying patch to fix it, you can submit an issue report via the web or via email.


This distribution uses Code::TidyAll to enforce a uniform coding style. This is tested as part of the author testing suite. You can install and run tidyall by running the following commands:

$ cpanm Code::TidyAll
$ tidyall -a

Please run this before committing your changes and address any issues it brings up.

Contributor Names

If you send a patch or pull request, your name and email address will be included in the documentation as a contributor (using the attribution on the commit or patch), unless you specifically request for it not to be. If you wish to be listed under a different name or address, you should submit a pull request to the .mailmap file to contain the correct mapping.

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