Changes for version 0.823 - 2022-04-15

  • [module Perinci::Examples::Table] sales(): Add more table metadata.


Various examples of Rinci metadata
Demonstrate various values of `args_as` function metadata property
Example for CLI help/usage generation
Test CSV output
Functions in this package contains cmdline.* result metadata
Examples for using cmdline_src function property
Coercion examples
More completion examples
Examples for reading/writing files (demos partial argument/result)
Examples for reading/writing files (using streaming result)
Example of module without any metadata
Demonstrate `result_naked` property
Examples for streaming input/output
Test argument submetadata
Table examples
Small examples
Tests related to function arguments
Tests related to function result
Examples for using transaction
Package that contains entity_v in its Rinci package metadata
Example of excluded package
Example of included package