mkprojdocs [options]

    -a|-additions <filename>  additional HTML lists to include in TOC
    -C|-nocomments            disable comment folding in source; 
                                  default enabled
    -c|-charset <string>      set character set meta tag in html;
                                  default 'UTF-8'
    -d|-desc <string>         project description
    -D|-download <filename>   path to a download file for project
    -e|-noexpand              disable expandable source folds;
                                   default enabled
    -f|-forcegen                  force regeneration
    -h|-help                  display this help and exit
    -H|-noheredoc             disable heredoc folding (default enabled)
    -I|-noimports             disable imports folding (default enabled)
    -i|-imgpath <path>        path to icon image directory; default 'img'
    -j|-jspath <path>         path to Javascript files; default 'js'
    -l|-lib <path>            project library-root-directory path
    -L|-lang <language>       language for xml:lang. default 'en'
    -N|-lines <number>        minimum consecutive foldable lines req'd 
                                  for fold (default 4)
    -n|-nosrc                 skip PPI::HTML::CodeFolder generation
    -O|-openimg <filename>    image file used for HTML::ListToTree open 
                                  nodes; default 'openbook.gif'
    -o|-out|-output <path>    target directory path for generated documents
    -p|-nopod                 disable POD folding (default enabled)
    -r|-rootimg <filename>    image file used for root of TOC tree; 
                                 default 'globe.gif'
    -s|-css <path>            path to CSS files; default 'css'
    -t|-title <title>         project title
    -v|-verbose               enable diagnostic messages
    -x|-closeimg <filename>   image file used for closed TOC nodes;
                                 default 'closedbook.gif'
    -y|-order "<pkglist>"         specify order of packages in TOC; 
                                 <pkglist> is comma separated list of 
                                 names, e.g.,
    -z|-noicons               no icons in tree widget; default is icons on

Multiple library-directories cna be specified:

  mkprojdocs -o /path/to/outputdir -l /path/to/lib1 -l /path/to/lib2


Generates merged Pod::ProjectDocs (for POD), Pod::Classdoc (for classdocs), and PPI::HTML::CodeFolder (for source code) output with a Javascript navigation tree widget generated via HTML::ListToTree.