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Changes for version 3.24

  • Fixed test suite failure when running under Perl 5.8.2
  • Refactored test suite not to use isa_ok to avoid an issue found while debugging the above failure
  • Refactored core modules not to use `each` iterator


A gentle(ish) introduction to RPC::ExtDirect
Migration notes for RPC::ExtDirect


Easily integrate Perl server code with JavaScript apps
Ext.Direct service discovery handler
Ext.Direct Action object
Ext.Direct Method wrappers
Ext.Direct Method object
Centralized configuration handling for RPC::ExtDirect
Ext.Direct polling provider demo
Part of Ext.Direct interface demo
Part of Ext.Direct interface demo
Asynchronous server-to-client events


in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Deserialize.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/EventProvider.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Exception.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/NoEvents.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Request.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Request/PollHandler.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Router.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Serialize.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Serializer.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Test/Util.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Util.pm
in lib/RPC/ExtDirect/Util/Accessor.pm