Changes for version 0.06 - 2006-05-13

  • Added Repository::Simple::Permission to hold the permission constants to avoid a compile-time Catch 22.
  • Updated t/repository.t for the permission constant change.
  • Updated t/engine_memory.t for the permission constant change.
  • Corrected the updatable property on the 'fs:handle' property type to true.
  • Updated t/engine_file_system.t for the permission constant change and to correct the value of the updatable property on 'fs:handle' properties.
  • Added a call to check_permission() in root_node() and get_item() of Repository::Simple.
  • Added sanity checks to check_permission() in Repository::Simple.
  • Added @CARP_NOT to all classes to improve error handling.
  • Added a call to check_permission() in save() of Repository::Simple::Property.
  • Added a call to check_permission() in parent() of Repository::Simple::Node.
  • Added a call to check_permission(), which filters the results without throwing an exception, in nodes() and properties() of Repository::Simple::Node.
  • Addeda call to check_permission() in get_scalar(), get_handle(), set_handle(), and set_scalar() in Repository::Simple::Value.
  • Fixed some typos in error messages and made some minor documentation updates.


Summary of the typing system


Simple heirarchical repository for Perl
Abstract base class for storage engines
Native file system repository storage
Transient repository storage in memory
Repository nodes
Defines the permission constants
Repository properties
Types for content repository nodes
Types for repository properties
Abstract base class for value types
Simple "rs:scalar" value type
Utility methods shared by repository components
Class for retrieving and setting property values