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Repository::Simple::Property - Repository properties


See Repository::Simple::Node.


Each instance of this class represents a single property of a node.

To retrieve a property instance, do not construct the object directly. Rather, use the methods associated with a node to retrieve the properties associated with that node:

  my @properties = $node->properties;
  for my $property (@properties) {
      print $property->name, " = ", $property->value->get_scalar;

Each property has a parent (node), a name, a value, and a type. The name is non-empty string identifying the property. The value is a valid value according to the property type. The type is an instance of Repository::Simple::Type::Property. If a property value is set to undef, this is the same as deleting the property from the parent node.

$node = $self->parent

Get the node to which this property belongs.

$name = $self->name

Get the name of the property.

$path = $self->path

Get the full path to the property.

$value = $self->value

Retrieve the value stored in the property.

$type = $self->type

Retrieve the Repository::Simple::Type::Property used to validate and store values for this property.


Tells the storage engine to save the property. If you've modified the property somehow, the change might already have been made. However, the change is not guaranteed until this method is called.


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