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Changes for version 0.28 - 2000-09-05

  • Fixed really lame bug in where I was taking the reference of @_ and holding it after the method returned


Library for SOAP clients and servers in Perl
Spec-defined constants
Creates SOAP streams
Creates SOAP envelopes
Generic serializer for Perl hashes
Default handler for SOAP::Parser output
Generic serializer for Perl scalar references
Writes SOAP fragments
SOAP internal helper class
Parses SOAP documents
serialization utilities
support for ordered hashes
(internal) serializer for SOAP structs
SOAP mod_perl handler
Generic SOAP CGI handler
Client side HTTP support for SOAP/Perl
Server side HTTP support for SOAP/Perl
Maps Perl types to their serializer/deserializer classes
Wrapper for xsd primitives that need explicit SOAP type attributes
serializer for xsd scalars