Changes for version 0.000004 - 2020-10-01

  • Incompatible changes
    • Rename ScriptX::Base to ScriptX_Base to make ScriptX::* namespace cleaner (all are plugins).
  • Documentation
    • Add manual placeholders.


Manual for ScriptX
Cookbook for ScriptX
FAQ for ScriptX
Parse command-line options using Getopt::Long (demos modifying plugin)
Parse command-line options using simple heuristics (demos debugging by dumping stash)
The minimalistic ScriptX-based script that does nothing (demos viewing logs, loading plugins, putting plugin handler at another event, putting multiple handlers)
Run a code
Run a command
Run a code


A plugin-based script framework
Prevent the loading (activation) of other plugins
exit() early
Parse command-line options using Getop::Long
Parse command-line options in a simple, spec-less way
Modify the loading (activation) of another plugin
A plugin that does nothing, for testing
Run something (code, command) in the 'run' event
Base class for ScriptX plugin