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Changes for version 2.13

  • Finally updated after a long hiatus (sorry about that)
  • Special thanks to Alex J. G. Burzynski, who wrote all the patches for the fixes in versions 2.11 and 2.12, and to Christopher J. Madsen, who forked my github repo, applied all the patches, and turned it all into a pull request to make it much easier for me to get the fixes applied.


Perl extension for managing Search Engine Sitemaps
Perl extension for managing Sitemap Indexes
Notify search engines of sitemap updates
Notify a specific search engines of sitemap updates
Search::Sitemap::Pinger for Ask
Search::Sitemap::Pinger for Google
Search::Sitemap::Pinger for Live
Search::Sitemap::Pinger for Yahoo
MooseX::Types library for Search::Sitemap
URL Helper class for Search::Sitemap
Abstract base class for Search::Sitemap URL stores
Search::Sitemap in-memory URL store