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Changes for version 0.10.0 - 2020-05-09

  • Adopted the official regular expression from the SemVer FAQ for strict parsing by new(), as well as a modification of that regex for the more lenient cases supported by declare() and new(). This results in the following changes in the behavior of the parser:
    • SemVers with build metadata but no prerelease are now valid, e.g. `1.1.2+meta`
    • SemVers with a numeric-only prerelease part are no longer valid if that part has a leading zero, e.g., `1.2.3-123` is valid but `1.2.3-0123` is not
    • Restored support for prerelease and build metadata parts are in declare() and parse()
  • Added tests for the official SemVer test corpus as linked under the FAQ about an official regular expression:
  • Added explicit boolean overloading to ensure consistent behavior between different implementations of the version parent class.


Use semantic version numbers