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Changes for version 1.04

  • Use IPC::Run::run()
  • Changes to make Sman installable as non-root
  • Improved some entries in this Changes file.
  • Add timeout around conversion of files to text.
  • Changes for PAUSE, and changes for swish-e 2.6.


Perl program for searching man pages indexes built with sman-update
Perl program to index man pages (for searching with sman program)


Tool for searching and indexing man pages
Automatically choose the 'best' man command
Find and read config files for the Sman tool
writes and reads sman's sman.index.version file
'Virtual base class' for converted manpages cache
Cache converted manpages in a DB_File
Cache converted manpages in a Cache::FileCache
Convert manpages to XML for sman-update and sman
Find manpage files for indexing by sman-update
Sman backend to build an sman index with Swish-e
Utility functions for Sman
configuration file for sman and sman-update