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Changes for version 0.2102 - 2009-09-13

  • Tweaked Some wacky POD Added a missing dep on MX::LazyRequire Reindent Changelog


A simple yet powerful forms validation system that promotes reuse.
Frequently Asked Questions about Spark::Form
Superclass for all Form Fields
Printability for form fields
a HTML4-printable form field role
a XHTML1-printable form field role
Fields that can be validated
interface for form printers for Spark::Form
the interface a HTML-printing form printer needs to implement
the interface an XHTML-printing form printer needs to implement
Base class for population plugins
A collection of basic fields for Spark::Form
A selection of basic form printers for printing a SparkX::Form.
A selection of validators to make writing custom fields easier.
A Button for SparkX::Form
A Checkbox field for SparkX::Form
A File upload field for SparkX::Form
A hidden field for SparkX::Form
An image field for SparkX::Form
A multiple select drop-down field for SparkX::Form
A Password field for SparkX::Form
A set of radio buttons for SparkX::Form
A reset button for SparkX::Form
A select drop-down field for SparkX::Form
A Submit field for SparkX::Form
A Text field for SparkX::Form
A Textarea field for SparkX::Form
Validates whether or not the user confirmed some choice.
Validates a variable does not exceed a given size
Validates a field is at least a given size
Validates a field has some value
Validates a field matches a regular expression
A list-printer for SparkX::Form. Spouts out form elements in a (X)HTML list.