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Changes for version 0.10 - 2012-11-14

  • Release Marpa-based version; it's now decisively better than the MGC parser.

Changes for version 0.07_991 - 2012-11-13

  • Upgrade to Marpa::R2
  • Now with more BNF-like grammar definition.

Changes for version 0.07_99 - 2012-04-18

  • Changed parser backend from Parser::MGC to Marpa::XS.
  • Updated dist.ini.


A TAP Bail Out! line
The main body of a TAP testset
A comment in a TAP stream
Trailing information in a TAP stream
Information at the beginning of a TAP stream
A line of non-TAP data in a TAP stream
Reference implementation of the TAP specification
A TAP test plan
A basic TAP plan with a number of tests
A TAP plan indicating that all tests were skipped
A legacy TAP plan indicating TODO tests
The results of a single test
A set of related TAP tests
A TAP version number specification


in lib/TAP/Spec/