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tapechanger - a tape changing script, using TapeChanger::MTX


  tapechanger -slot first
  tapechanger -eject


tapechanger is a tape changing program for MTX, using the TapeChanger::MTX module. It can load and unload tapes, as long as you have a tape changer to work with.

Supports the following options:

  -info          reports capability and loaded tape
  -slot <slot>   loads specified tape into drive
        current  reports current mounted tape
        next     loads logically next tape (loops to top)
        prev     loads logically previous tape (loops to bottom)
        first    loads first tape
        last     loads last tape
        1..99    loads tape from specified slot#
  -eject         unloads current mounted tape
  -reset         resets changer (and drive); loads first tape

This should be compatible with AMANDA, the tape backup program.


Perl 5.6.0 or better, and TapeChanger::MTX (and everything it requires).


mtx, mt, TapeChanger::MTX. Inspired by stc-changer, which comes with the AMANDA tape backup package (, and MTX, available at


Tim Skirvin <>


Copyright 2001 by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and Tim Skirvin <>.