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Changes for version 0.0.5

  • Better feedback for unsupported platforms during installation Added verify_dump Corrected bug when dir was specified by a Path::Class object Better support when people want to control where their approvals are saved Better handling of undefined test results


Recursively find Perl sources and run perlcritic on them all
Recursively find all Perl sources and run perltidy on them all
Recursively find Perl sources and update version numbers


Capture human intelligence in your tests
Verify two files are the same
Default algorithm for generating names
'use' all the available reporters
Report with multiple reporters
Reporter which doesn't actually do anything, but you can check to see if it was called.
Use Windows file associations to display the file.
Report using the first reporter that appears to be working in the test environment.
Print diagnostic message explaining reporter usage.
Report failure with KDiff.
Provides a role for aggregate reporters to extend.
Report failures with P4Merge
Defines a role for reporters to extend.
Report failures with TortoiseMerge
Generic base for creating reporters that work on Windows.
Report failure with WinMerge
Tiny BDD Tools