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Changes for version 0.86 - 2023-08-12

  • Breaking
    • Parser returns tags prefixed with '@' now, because that's what the Cucumber ecosystem does and what Cucumber::TagExpressions wants as input for its tag names
  • Fixed
    • Filtering scenarios by tags regressed in 0.85
  • Added
    • Tests for tag-filtered scenarios


Execute tests written using Test::BDD::Cucumber
Test suite integration options
How to write Step Definitions


Run Cucumber tests from the command line
Stream with TAP from async BDD process
Test::BDD::Cucumber's prove integration
Feature-complete Cucumber-style testing in Perl
Consistently formatted errors
Run through Feature and Harness objects
Abstract superclass for extensions
Base class for creating harnesses
Builds up an internal data representation of test passes / failures
Generate results to JSON file
Generate results in TAP format
Prints colorized text to the screen
Temporary redirector to TAP harness
Cucumber language definitions
Simplify loading of Step Definition and feature files
Model to represent a scenario
Model to represent a feature file on disk or in memory
Model to represent a feature file, parsed
Model to represent a line in a feature file
Encapsulates a result state
Model to represent a scenario
Model to represent a step in a scenario
Encapsulates tag selectors
Parse Feature files
Data made available to step definitions
Functions for creating and loading Step Definitions
Some functions used throughout the code