Changes for version 1.16

  • Added pool of recent user agent strings, picked at random.
  • Added soft unit tests for new user agent functionality.
  • Added "--retry" option for trying each URL multiple times.
  • Added "--retry-delay" option for setting pause duration between retries.
  • Added "--primary" option for trying IERS download URL before cache URL.
  • Added "--agent" option for overwriting pool of user agent strings.
  • Added "--add-agent" option for appending to pool of user agent strings.
  • Added "--force-edge" option for always using the Microsoft Edge user agent string.
  • Added "--churn-agent" option for changing user agent string on retry.
  • Added negative leapseconds and Linux CLOCK_TAI to TODO list.
  • Updated data/leap-seconds.list (no substantive changes, only expiration date).


print the current TAI time.
download the IETF leapseconds file.


High resolution UNIX epoch time without leapseconds