Changes for version 2.2

  • Add Balloon option (-iballoons => 1|0) to specify show popup balloons showing the file-name when mousing over an image.
  • Add -iborder, -ihighlightthickness, -irelief, -iactiverelief, and -ianchor options to specify the border, relief, etc. values for the icon buttons.
  • Add -iwrap option (-iwrap => -1,0,1,2,3,4,64..., default -1) to cause the text labels to be wrapped (requires -ilabels => 1(true)). -1 (default) - no wrapping, 0 - calculate sensible default, 1-4: wrap width is 1x..4x the icon width, 64+:set the wrap width to that many pixels. 5-63: set wrap to 64 pixels.
  • Add -font option to specify the font to use. Default is the proportional sans font selected by Perl/Tk.
  • Add "-state" option, can be either "normal" or "disabled": (In other words add ability to disable the entire widget).
  • Add a '-1' option value to the -columns parameter to have JThumbnail calculate the number of columns based on the window-size and the widths of the icon buttons (including wrapped file-name text labels, if -ilabels => 1(true) specified such that the window is filled horizontally without the need for horizontal scrolling. (NOTE: -iwidth => (>0), and either -iwrap => (>=0) or -ilabels => 0 must also be specified for this to work!
  • Properly initialize anchor and selecting/deselecting mode for more consistant multi-selecting/deselecting.
  • Enable drag-selecting to scroll the visible window!
  • Make the "default" (-command => undef) mouse-button down function work more user-friendly when selecting/deselecting.
  • Misc. code cleanups.


Present a list of files in a directory as a grid of icons with or without text.