Changes for version 2.4

  • Add new -state option to configure as "normal" or "disabled", like many other Tk widgets. "disabled" prevents user-interaction with the widget, but NOTE that does not prevent applications from updateing it.
  • Remove the special "-focus" option and get the traditional "-takefocus" option working properly. There are 3 valid state values: "", 0, and 1. "" is the default and allows focus via tabbing, but the widget does not take focus when clicked on. "1" allows both, "0" does not allow the widget to gain the keyboard focus. This is consistant with other Tk widgets. NOTE: The old "-focus" option is DEPRECIATED & has been REMOVED (change your code)!
  • Add new color options: -selectforeground, -activeforeground, and -disabledforeground.
  • Various minor bug-fixes and tweaks.


Present a list of files in a directory as a grid of icons with or without text.