Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook - how to run Webservice::InterMine webservice queries


The Webservice::InterMine cookbook is a set of short tutorial 'recipes' which aim to demonstrate particular features of the Webservice::InterMine Perl API. Each recipe presents some code, followed by a section which explains and discusses the features used.


Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe1 - The bare basics

The bare minimum you need to create and run a valid Webservice::InterMine query from scratch

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe2 - Adding constraints

Queries without constraints are not very useful, so here we look at how to add some simple constraints to your searches

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe3 - More constraints

There are several different constraint types, distinguished by their operators; this recipe introduces all the main constraint types.

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe4 - Other Query Features

This recipe presents the other potential features of a query: joins and path descriptions

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe5 - Dealing with Results

Once you have your query working the way you want it to, you will then need to deal with the results it returns - this recipe introduces the different result formats and how to access your data

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe6 - Advanced Results Management

This recipe looks at using iteration, and ways that you can use features such as filtering results, limiting them, and processing them in a stream.

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Recipe7 - Extending Webservice::InterMine

The Perl API is written to be easily extensible with Moose roles - so if there is something you wish it could do, it probably can: here we look at adding different output formats to queries.

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Templates::Recipe1 - Accessing Templates

You don't have to create all your own queries - much of the work has been done for you with re-usable 'Templates' available from the webservice - here we look at the basics of calling a template

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Templates::Recipe2 - Authoring Templates

Your scripted queries can be saved to the web-service as templates, making them as portable as the web-service itself, and as powerful as any other template.

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::List::Upload - Uploading New Lists

You can create new lists on the server from collections of identifiers or queries that define a specific result set.

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::List::Enrichment - Performing Enrichment Calculations

You can perform statistical analysis of lists available to you.

Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::List::Combination - Combining Existing Lists

You can combine lists in various ways, via common set operations.


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