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Changes for version 0.011

  • Compatible with (and *requires*) Moose 2.00.


Objects useful for generating Windows Installer XML files.
Exceptions used in the WiX3 distribution.
"Cheat Class" in order to initialize a Traceable object.
Exception::Class based error generation for Moose.
Defines a Component tag.
Defines a ComponentRef tag.
Defines a CreateFolder tag.
Class representing a Directory tag.
Class representing a DirectoryRef tag.
Defines a Feature tag.
Defines a FeatureRef tag.
Default fragment code.
"Shortcut Fragment" containing only a CreateFolder entry.
Defines a Icon tag.
Defines an InstallExecuteSequence tag.
Default Merge tag code.
Defines a MergeRef tag.
Defines a Property tag.
Defines a RemoveFolder tag.
Role that says that this tag is a Fragment.
Provides inner text for tags that allow it.
Base role for XML tags.
Base role for XML tags that have children.
Defines a Shortcut tag.
Defines a WixVariable tag.


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in lib/WiX3/XML/
in lib/WiX3/XML/
in lib/WiX3/XML/
in lib/WiX3/XML/
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in lib/WiX3/XML/Role/