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Changes for version 0.1713

  • Make the code compatible with NO_MATHOMS. Thanks to Danial Dragan [RT #100554].
  • Allow default event sources that don't start with an alpha character. Thanks to [rt #43574]
  • Declare TPJ.pod charset as latin1, run Test::Pod over all pods. Thanks to Alan Berndt [PR#5]
  • Fix compilation on cygwin. Thanks to BinGOs [PR#6]. Also thanks to Paulo Custodio for providing an alternate patch [PR#8].
  • Make Win32::OLE::Const work with Win64. Thanks to Takuto Naito [PR#9].
  • Make code pass under -Werror=format-security. Thanks to David Dyck [PR#11].
  • Adjust t/ole.t test 27 because DATE_LONGDATE no longer seems to emit a leading 0 for single-digit day numbers.


What's new in Win32::OLE


OLE Automation extensions
Extract constant definitions from TypeLib
OLE Automation Collection Objects
OLE National Language Support
Create and modify OLE VARIANT variables


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