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Changes for version 0.001009 - 2019-04-26

  • Updated metadata


namespace for plugin bundles


tools for processing XML files with an awk-like model
awk-like XML processor, command-line interface
awk-like XML processor, core
DOM encapsulation for the axk XML processor
awk-like XML processor, language 1
base language code for the axk XML processor
Object::Tiny[::XS] wrapper that adds default values
preparser for axk
PerlSAX handler that creates XML::DOM document structures
Sandbox providing a language limited access to the axk core


in lib/XML/Axk/
in lib/XML/Axk/L/
in lib/XML/Axk/Matcher/
in lib/XML/Axk/Matcher/
in lib/XML/Axk/SAX/
in lib/XML/Axk/SAX/
in lib/XML/Axk/Vars/
in lib/XML/Axk/Vars/