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Changes for version 0.981

  • use documented File::Glob::bsd_glob rather than the removed F::G::doglob


a modular perl shell
Zoidberg's builtins
Development documentation for zoid
Frequently Asked Questions about Zoidberg
Extended user documentation for zoid


a custom subclass of Module::Build
A bundle to install the zoidberg shell
A modular perl shell
Module to manage jobs
Class to tie dispatch tables
Base class for loadable Zoidberg plugins
Zoidberg plugin with builtin commands
Completion plugin for Zoidberg
History and log plugin for Zoidberg
Readline glue for zoid
Magic plugin loader
A scripting interface to the Zoidberg shell
Simple string parser
An interface to zoid's utility libs
OO error handling
Filesystem routines
Yet another GetOpt module
Zoidberg output routines


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in lib/Zoidberg/
in lib/Zoidberg/
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