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Changes for version v4.5.1 - 2022-07-08

  • Fixes
    • Fixes a bug from previous release that prevented out-of-bailiwick nameservers to be resolved to IP address (no IP address was provided) in undelegated tests (#1090, #1089)
    • Updates Norwegian, Finnish and Danish translations (#1083, #1086, #1092)


The Zonemaster Test Engine


A tool to check the quality of a DNS zone
do lookups of ASNs for IP addresses
module holding constants used in test modules
class representing DNS names
base class for Zonemaster::Engine exceptions
class that holds Zonemaster::Engine::Logger::Entry objects.
module for single log entries
Class implementing arrays that lazily looks up name server addresses from their names
object representing a DNS nameserver
shared caches for nameserver objects
wrapping object for Zonemaster::LDNS::Packet objects
A simple system for configuring Zonemaster Engine
recursive resolver for Zonemaster
module to find, load and execute all test modules
module implementing tests focused on the Address specific test cases of the DNS tests
module implementing test for very basic domain functionality
module implementing tests of nameservers reachability
Consistency module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules
dnssec module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules
Tests regarding delegation details
module implementing tests of the properties of a name server
test validating the syntax of host names and other data
module implementing tests of the zone content in DNS, such as SOA and MX records
Methods common to Test Specification used in test modules
translation support for Zonemaster
utility functions for other Zonemaster modules
Object representing a DNS zone