Changes for version 1.55.3

  • diffReps will now remove intermediate files even if it dies from exceptions.
  • The POD of diffReps modules are re-written so that they are more informative.
  • Use Perl built-in functions to delete intermediate files instead of external "rm" in the main program, making it more friendly to Windows users.
  • Corrected some version numbers.


Commonly used Perl subroutines for my bioinformatics work.
Math routines used for bioinformatics.
methods to perform negative binomial tests.
A perl class to deal with single chromosome BED file.
My Perl library to deal with nextgen short read data.
A perl class to deal with a short read dataset in BED file.
Perl module for genomic annotations
Module for convenient access to genome statistics, such as chromosome lengths.
class to deal with a sliding window.
class to store and manipulate differential sites.


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