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Changes for version 0.84 - 2004-04-22

  • Deprecating News::NNTPAuth in favor of Net::NNTP::Auth.
  • News::Article is no longer distributed with this, since it's already in CPAN.
  • Standardized formatting of version numbers and such.
  • Better documention in the REAMDE file.
  • 0.83b Thu Apr 22 10:50:44 CDT 2004
    • Put News::Cancel back in as News::Article::Cancel. It is now, though, just a module that inherits News::Article.
    • Net::NNTP::Auth is now v1.0 (no real changes except docs)
  • 0.82b Thu Mar 18 14:28:37 CST 2004
    • Added News::Article::Clean.
  • 0.81b Fri Feb 13 16:24:01 CST 2004
    • Made News::Cancel into its own module, not a sub-version of News::Article. I'm not entirely happy with this, but it's a start.
  • 0.80b Fri Oct 10 10:11:09 CDT 2003
    • Added News::Article::Response
    • Upgraded News::Article to v1.27
    • Added Net::NNTP::Functions
    • Updated Makefile.PL for convenience
    • Minor Net::NNTP::Proxy changes
  • 0.71b Wed Jan 30 13:06:04 CST 2002
    • Included Net::NNTP::Auth and News::Cancel
  • 0.7b Wed Jan 30 09:36:22 CST 2002
    • Replaced push() with CORE::push() to avoid system errors
    • Started sorting active() and active_times() outputs
    • Changed to a variable EOL string ("\r\n")
    • Fixed bugs in _list_active() and _list() with returning arrays
    • Fixed article() to deal with embedded newlines in headers
    • Included News::Article v1.26
  • 0.61b Tue Aug 28 08:36:36 CDT 2001
    • updated Net::NNTP::Proxy to use "\r\n" instead of "\n"
  • 0.6b Mon Aug 27 16:34:01 CDT 2001
    • original released version, using code from


a standard NNTP authentication method
a module to simulate an entire NNTP client
code to implement NNTP-standard functions
a news server in perl
a module to generate accurate cancel messages
subroutines to clean news article headers
reference functions for news articles
create responses to News::Articles
a standard NNTP authentication method (deprecated)


in Net/NNTP/