Net::NNTP::Proxy - a news server in perl


  use Net::NNTP::Proxy;
  my $server = new Net::NNTP::Proxy || die "Couldn't start the server: $!\n"; 
  $server->push(new Net::NNTP::Client);
  my $client = $server->connect;

See below for more functions.


This package is a basic news server written in perl. It contains a list of Net::NNTP::Client connections, and talks to all of these to get its data; it then serves it back out to a port just like a regular news server. It's also clean enough to run multiple-processes (and maybe even multi-threaded, if I'm lucky.) is used to actually run this thing.



These functions create the object and connect it to the network.

new ( )

Create a new server object. Doesn't actually bind to the port; you still need to use listen() for that.

openport ( [PORT] )

Listens on PORT for a TCP connection.

closeport ()

Stops listening for a TCP connection.

connect ( FILEHANDLE )

Connects to the given FILEHANDLE. Returns the filehandle again.

disconnect ( FILEHANDLE )

Disconnects from FILEHANDLE, closing it in the process.

process ( FILEHANDLE, LINE )

Process LINE, which was received from FILEHANDLE, and call the appropriate news function (which are all documented below). Returns


These functions return and manipulate the list of news servers that the object connects to and works with.

newsservers ( )

Returns a reference to an array containing the list of news servers that can be accessed.

push ( SERVER [, SERVER [, SERVER [...]]] )

Adds SERVER item onto the end of the list of news servers.

pop ( )

Removes the first item from the list of the news servers.


These functions implement news functionality. Return values are designed to be written to a socket, which is taken care of by process(). None of this stuff is overly well documented; it follows the NNTP standards well where possible, however.

authinfo ( USER, PASS )

Not yet implemented.

article ( ID [, HEAD, BODY] )

Retrieve and return the article indicated by ID. Looks through the list of news servers in order; the first server to have the article returns it.

body ( ID )

As article(), but just returns the body.

date ()

Returns the current date from the server.

group ( GROUP )

Changes to the given GROUP.

head ( ID )

As article(), but just returns the headers.

help ()

Not yet implemented.

ihave ()

Not yet implemented

last ()

Stats the previous message, if there is one. See stat().

list ( TYPE ARGS )

Lists off a certain value. Valid values are:

  active ( PATTERN )
  newsgroups ( PATTERN )
  overview.fmt (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
listgroup ( GROUP )

Loads up a given group, and gets a list of articles in it.

mode ( STRING )

Sets the reader mode. At present, only 'reader' works.

newgroups ( GROUPS, DATE, TIME, [TZ] )

Not yet implemented

newnews ( GROUPS, DATE, TIME, [TZ] )

Not yet implemented

slave ()

Not yet implemented

xgtitle ( GROUP_PATTERN )

Not yet implemented

xhdr ( RANGE | ID )

Not yet implemented

xover ( RANGE )

Returns the overview information from the given RANGE.


Not yet implemented

xpath ( ID )

Not yet implemented


Close FILEHANDLE and quit.


News::Article, Net::NNTP


This documentation is basically functional, but not much more.


Net::NNTP, Net::NNTP::Client,


Write better documentation. Write other news server types that aren't Net::NNTP::Client. Implement the rest of the functions that I haven't gotten around to yet. Speed it up.


Written by Tim Skirvin <>.


Copyright 2000-2002 by Tim Skirvin <>. This code may be redistributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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