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Acme::CPANAuthors::AnyEvent - We are CPAN Authors of AnyEvent!


Version 0.07


    use Acme::CPANAuthors;

    my $authors  = Acme::CPANAuthors->new('AnyEvent');

    my $number   = $authors->count;
    my @ids      = $authors->id;
    my @distros  = $authors->distributions("MLEHMANN");
    my $url      = $authors->avatar_url("ELMEX");
    my $kwalitee = $authors->kwalitee("MONS");
    my $name     = $authors->name("MIYAGAWA");


This class provides a hash of AnyEvent namespace CPAN Authors' PAUSE ID and name to the Acme::CPANAuthors module.

It is currently statically generated information, I hope to make it dynamic in the future.


If you are a AnyEvent CPAN author not listed here, please send us your ID/name via email or RT so we can always keep this module up to date.

And if you aren't a AnyEvent CPAN author listed here, please send us your ID/name via email or RT and we will remove your name.


Now 35 AnyEvent CPAN authors:

    MLEHMANN   => 'Marc Lehmann', # Main AnyEvent author ;) 

    AGRUNDMA   => 'Andy Grundman',
    BEPPU      => 'John Beppu',
    BLUET      => 'BlueT - Matthew Lien - Che-Ming Lien',
    CLKAO      => 'Chia-liang Kao',
    CORNELIUS  => 'Lin You An',
    DMAKI      => 'Daisuke Maki',
    DMITRYNOD  => 'Dmitrii Konstantinov',
    ELMEX      => 'Robin Redeker',
    FRANCKC    => 'Franck Cuny',
    GBARR      => 'Graham Barr',
    GUGOD      => 'Liu Kang Min',
    IKUTA      => 'Masahito Ikuta',
    JHTHORSEN  => 'Jan Henning Thorsen',
    JROCKWAY   => 'Jonathan Rockway',
    KARASIK    => 'Dmitry Karasik',
    KEROYON    => 'keroyonn',
    KEVINJ     => 'Kevin Jones',
    MART       => 'Martin Atkins',
    MELO       => 'Pedro Melo',
    MGRIMES    => 'Mark Grimes',
    MIKI       => 'Takeshi Miki',
    MIYAGAWA   => 'Tatsuhiko Miyagawa',
    MONS       => 'Mons Anderson',
    MSTPLBG    => 'Michael Stapelberg',
    NAIM       => 'Naim Shafiev',
    NUFFIN     => 'Yuval Kogman',
    PMAKHOLM   => 'Peter Makholm',
    PUNYTAN    => 'punipuni',
    SANKO      => 'Sanko Robinson',
    SEKIMURA   => 'Masayoshi Sekimura',
    TOKUHIROM  => 'Tokuhiro Matsuno',
    TYPESTER   => 'Daisuke Murase',
    VKRAMSKIH  => 'Vitaly Kramskikh',
    YANNK      => 'Yann Kerherve',

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