Algorithm::Evolutionary::Fitness::Any - Façade for any function so that it can be used as fitness


   use Algorithm::Evolutionary::Utils qw( string_decode )

   sub squares {
     my $chrom = shift;
     my @values = string_decode( $chrom, 10, -1, 1 );
     return $values[0] * $values[1];

   my $any_eval = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Fitness::Any \&squares;


Turns any subroutine or closure into a fitness function. Useful mainly if you want results cached; it's not really needed otherwise.


new( $function )

Assigns default variables

apply( $individual )

Applies the instantiated problem to a chromosome. It is actually a wrapper around _apply.

_apply( $individual )

This is the one that really does the stuff. It applies the defined function to each individual. Itis cached for efficiency.


  This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
  or go to