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Algorithm::Evolutionary::Fitness::String - Base class for string-based fitness functors


    package My::Own::Fitness;
    use base 'Algorithm::Evolutionary::Fitness::String'; #Mainly for deriving
    my $evaluator = new My::Own::Fitness;
    my $cache_hits = $evaluator->cached_evals();


Base class for fitness functions applied to string-based chromosomes; extracts common code, and saves time. Provides a hash called %cache to be used as a, well, cache for evaluations. Assumes it's using the _str instance variable of the chromosome



Initializes the cache

_apply( $individual )

Applies the instantiated problem to a chromosome, delegating to a specific function

_really_apply( $string )

This one applies the function to the string. Should be overloaded


Returns the number of keys in the evaluation cache, which can be compared to the total number of evaluations to find the cache hit rate.


  This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
  or go to