Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Creator - Operator that generates groups of individuals, of the intended class


    my $op = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Creator; #Creates empty op, with rate

    my $xmlStr=<<EOC;
    <op name='Creator' type='nullary'>
      <param name='number' value='20' />
      <param name='class' value='BitString' />
      <param name='options'>
        <param name='length' value='320 />

    my $ref = XMLin($xmlStr); #This step is not really needed; only if it's going to be manipulated by another object
    my $op = Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Base->fromXML( $ref ); #Takes a hash of parsed XML and turns it into an operator    

    print $op->asXML(); #print its back in XML shape

    my $op2 = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Creator( 20, 'String', { chars => [a..j], length => '10' });

    my @pop;
    $op2->apply( \@pop ); #Generates population


Base class for operators applied to Individuals and Populations and all the rest


new( $number_of_individuals, $class_to_generate, $options_hash )

Takes a hash with specific parameters for each subclass, creates the object, and leaves subclass-specific assignments to subclasses

apply( $population_hash )

Generates the population according to the parameters passed in the ctor


Serializes the object as an XML nodeset

set( $params_hash )

Sets the instance variables of the object, which, so far, should be a bit "raw". Usually called from the base class


  This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
  or go to

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